What We Offer

We are first and foremost musical performers offering a wide variety of traditional, folk, and original music & dance, including:

Kid's Show
  • coffeehouse-type concerts with lots of sing-alongs
  • children’s concerts and family-friendly concerts
  • entertainment for private parties, weddings, conferences, festivals
  • 18th/19th century music
  • contra dance, square dance, and swing music
  • teaching, calling and playing for beginner community dances
  • history of folksong workshops
  • beginning flatfoot/clogging, banjo and fiddle workshops
  • We play guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin, penny whistle, recorder, concertina, bodhran, limberjack and feet!

    Woody builds stringed instruments, and we play some of his guitars, mandolins and fiddles.

    Marcia Calling and Leading a Circle Dance 19th Century Show at Sandusky House